Water Supply – Muthur – May 2024

Remote village in Muthur with 7 families do not have access to clean drinking water, posing as a serious health risk to families including children. Anbaalayam has funded the materials and labour to have the water connection restored to an agreed area closer to these families who can share and access the water connection.

Dry Rations – Kandalady Vaharai – May 2024

Families and children who live in poverty required urgent need of food for their families, having little to no income to purchase dry rations themselves. Dry rations were purchased by Anbaalayam and given to families to assist with immediate needs. Thank you Kanagaratnam family for your generous donation and support!

Education – Jaffna – May 2024

Anbaalayam has supported a school in Jaffna with their request with purchase of exam papers. Providing past exam papers for school children to practice on can greatly enhance their preparation in exams and is a valuable resource that can help them understand the types of questions asked, exam format and practice time management.

Livelihood – Muthur – May 2024

Mother and her two children struggling to manage on small income from small 20 chicken poultry farm they current run. Income earned from this small business is not enough to meet the current needs of the family including the cost of food whereby the children sometimes go to school without eating breakfast. In addition to …

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