Anbaalayam Field Visit Jaffna – Mullaitivu – Trincomalee – Hatton – Maraya February to March 2024

We’re thrilled to provide an update from our dedicated volunteer, who’s currently traveling to our funded project sites, identifying new opportunities to assist those in need. Your support is truly transforming lives across Sri Lanka, and we’re excited to share some exciting updates with you;
Educational Empowerment: Children who once lacked basic stationery and wore worn-out shoes now have access to new supplies and footwear.
Nutritional Assistance: Families struggling and facing food insecurity were purchased essential food items, providing much needed relief.
Educational Support: Supporting teachers in rural tuition centre in subjects like Science, Math, English, and Tamil.
Loan Empowerment: Through our loans program, individuals are successfully repaying loans and flourishing in their small businesses, thus boosting household income. Anbaalayam imposes no fees or interest on loans, ensuring fair and accessible financial assistance. As loans are repaid, they are recycled back into the community, providing continual support to new recipients, creating a cycle of empowerment.
Furniture Provision: Essential furniture for classrooms has been purchased, enhancing the learning environment for students on a daily basis.
House Renovation: Severely damaged homes have been repaired, providing much-needed shelter and security to families in need.
Our dedicated volunteers ensure that funds are utilised effectively and projects are completed as intended. Witnessing the profound impact on individuals, families, schools, and communities reaffirms the core values of Anbaalayam.
A heartfelt thank you to our donors, supporters, and volunteers. Your ongoing generosity is truly appreciated, as every contribution directly empowers individuals in Sri Lanka to enhance their well-being and build brighter futures.