Livelihood and House repair – Alesgarden, Trincomalee – July 2024

An elderly woman, who lost her husband a few years ago, is now the sole caretaker of her family, facing immense challenges. She is the primary caregiver for her mentally unwell daughter, who is unable to work, and is also responsible for her two young granddaughters.
The absence of an income has left the family struggling to meet even their basic daily needs. Their living environment has also deteriorated, becoming unsafe and in urgent need of repair.
Anbaalayam have stepped into to assist this family with the purchase of dry rations, repairs of the home and purchase a sewing machine that is needed to start up a small local tailoring business for the family to build a business and earn a more sustainable income.
Thank you to our generous donors Aravindan Balendra and John Yoganathan for funding this project and assisting this family who were in need of urgent support.