Loan for livelihood support – Vakarai – November 2023

Revolving loan #1
Sumithra is a dedicated mom with two daughters and a son in school, and unfortunately, her husband is currently unwell. Sumithra was seeking a loan to improve her grocery shop, which is not just a business for her but a means to provide for her family.
Revolving loan #2
Vimala, along with her ailing husband, has been facing tough times with their modest income selling milk from 2 cows not meeting their needs.
In a courageous step towards a better future, Vimala reached out, seeking a loan to bridge the gap and improve their circumstances. Vimala has been granted a loan to buy cattle.
Thanks to the compassionate support from the “Canberra Tamil Association”
This act of kindness will go a long way in providing relief and stability to these families during their challenging times.